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Isaias Aguilar Velazquez

Isaias Aguilar Velazquez, Reporter

Isaias Aguilar 8th, lost focus, slumped in his chair, and fell asleep only to be awakened when the teacher tapped him on the shoulder.

The best advice Isaias has received came from his mom.

“She encouraged me to work harder in school,” Isaias said. “This is valuable advice because I always have trouble.”

Driving a car is on Isaias’s Bucket List, along with learning how to cook.

“I would like to cook for myself and ride on a boat because I wanna see what it looks like from the ocean,” Isaias said.

Going fishing with his family is Isaias’s best memory.

“It stands out because we got to take pictures with the fish we caught,” Isaias said.

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Isaias Aguilar Velazquez