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Gladis De La Fuente

Gladis De La Fuente, reporter

Gladis De La Fuente, 8th, is a happy, funny, and popular teenager.

"I would describe myself as caring, loud, and hyper," Gladis said.

To burn off some of  her hyper energy, Gladis plays soccer.

"I've always had a passion for soccer," Gladis said.  "It's one of my strengths."

Meeting Tom Cruise is just one item on Gladis's Bucket List.  She would also like to have two kids and visit Las Vegas.   Other than things she would like to do, Gladis' friends have a big impact on her life.

"My friends are like family," Gladis said.

Some of her friends are loud and crazy like she is.

"My best memory with Gladis is when we would scream each other's name out loud in the hallway," Angel Gonzalez, 9th, said.

Other friends are opposite of Gladis but still share a sacred bond.

"Gladis is always there for me, and I can trust her," Jose Salas, 8th, said.  "I have a lot of favorite memories. Every day we talk about something new, so I can't just tell you one. I would have to tell them all."

Written by Justin Maymoundok

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Gladis De La Fuente