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Devin Jones

Devin Jones, Reporter

Devin Jones, 9th, is funny and loud, yet shy around people he doesn't know. He enjoys playing 2k Madden, practicing basketball, and hanging out with friends.

“My friends and I like to talk about things or play the game, but we also enjoy going to the mall and the movies,” Devin said.

Asia Green, 9th, first met Devin last year when he asked her and her friend, Deyonce Ezell, to hold his phone while he played football.

“Devin is funny, loud, and athletic because he always makes me laugh and he is good at basketball,” Asia said. “My best memory is when we were on Facetime, and I did Shrek makeup because Brooklyn Pitts and him were taking pictures of me and trying to guess who I was.”

Devin’s best strength is just being himself.

“It's my own self and my mind,” Devin said.

A flaw Devin would like to eliminate is being on social media.

“It takes up too much time,” Devin said.

The Meg is Devin’s all-time favorite movie.

“It has one of my favorite animals in it -- a shark -- and stars one of my favorite actors, Jason Statham,” Devin said.

The biggest challenge in growing up in Devin’s family has been going through things.

“Events happen in a second and we never know what’s going on,” Devin said.

Devin’s best memory with his family was being in a helicopter and going to a party.

“That memory stands out as something I would never do again,” Devin said.

Profile written by Lesly Manriquez

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Devin Jones