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Daimian Vega

Daimian Vega, Reporter

Fort Smith native, Daimian Vega, 8th, is a smart student who excels in math, likes video games, and enjoys playing football.

“I would describe myself as caring and responsible because I make sure my peers and parents are okay,” Daimian said.

Daimian’s best memory with his family was when his uncle dressed up as Santa for his little cousins.

“It stands out because it was cool when the little kids were happy to see him,” Daimian said.

Damian has one brother.

“We get along well because of our shared interests,” Daimian said.

Damian's favorite video game is GTA V.

“It's like real life, but you can do a lot more stuff,” Daimian said.

Cody Goodson’s first impression of Daimian was that he seemed nice and kind.

“My best memory with Daimian was when we did announcements in 6th grade because one of us would always start laughing during the moment of silence,” Cody said.

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Daimian Vega