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Cadence Labs, 8th, is a fierce, caring, and smart student.

"I would describe myself as mostly happy, kind, and pretty calm, but I can be random at times," Cadence said. "My best accomplishment in life so far would be being confident. It took me a while to gain."

Cadence values her friendships very much.

̀ˆ"My friends are VERY important to me because they help me through everything, and they're awesome,̀ˆ Cadence said.

Even though Cadence values her friends, she feels different from them.

"I'm different from them because I don't always make the best decisions," Cadence said.

Best friend Zoey Manuel, 8th, described Cadence as someone with strong emotions, and she has good memories with her.

"Cadence and I made our own club, and she helped me arrange things," Zoey said.

KC Bennett, 9th, first met Cadence in Journalism class where they enjoyed teasing each other.

"Cadence is a sweet, independent person and someone you can go to," KC said. "She is also admirable and motivating."

In addition to friends, Cadence also values family. The best advice she has ever received was from her brother Taylon, 24, who told her there is life outside of school.

"It helped me because people at school were making my life awful at the time," Cadence said.

Another love Cadence has is traveling.

"The beach is a place I feel I belong, so my parents took me to Florida," Cadence said.

̀ˆCadence has has a variety of travel experiences.

"My best travel experience was Las Vegas because I got to see The Grand Canyon," Cadence said. "My worst travel experience was probably going to Missouri because the car ride was uncomfortable."

Written by Monse Montoya

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