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Ashlyn Green

Ashlyn Green, Reporter

Ashlyn Green, 8th, is kind, calm, and a tad ungraceful. One thing Ashlyn would like to change about herself is her clumsiness.

“I tend to trip over many small things, or I just don’t watch where I’m going,” Ashlyn said.

If Ashlyn could be any animal, it would be a sloth.

“Even though they move slowly, sloths still get things done,” Ashlyn said.

Ashlyn cares a lot about her friends, Haydee Bermudez, Mariana Cerda, and Amber Villanueva.

“I care for other people, and I know that it’s very hard for other people to do so in return,” Ashlyn said.

Mariana Cerda, 8th, described Ashlyn as nice and funny. Her favorite memory was working on a project together in 5th period because they laughed a lot.

“Ashlyn makes the best desserts!” Mariana said. “She has lots of recipes, and I hope she becomes a successful baker in the future.”

Amber Villanueva, 8th, likes that Ashlyn is generous, approachable, and talks to others with ease.

“Ashlyn gave me a cookie on Valentine’s Day, and it was nice to think that she took the time to make me something,” Amber said. “Overall, she is a bubbly character and fun to be around.”

Ashlyn enjoys watching Netflix’s Family Reunion.

“It is just so funny and somewhat relatable,” Ashlyn said.

Ashlyn’s best travel experience was going to Miami, Florida.

“It was fun going to the beach and making sandcastles with my older sister Ariana,” Ashlyn said.

Yes, Ashlyn loves to travel, but there are still places she has yet to visit.

“I would love to travel to Paris, France, because the culture is just so unique and beautiful,” Ashlyn said.

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