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2018-2019 Staff

Kimberlee Lopez

Kimberlee Lopez

Kimberlee Lopez, 9th, is a smart, non-talkative, and friendly girl who likes to color on her spare time. Her best friend is Lisseth Acostah. “Kimberlee is a nice, helpful, loyal, best friend,” Lisseth said. “We became...

Sitlaly Becerra

Sitlaly Beccera, 9th, chipperly talked to a nearby classmate, but then, out of nowhere, Ms. Mullin called on her. Shook, she sat there for a few seconds and then abruptly asked, “What was the question?” “I wouldn’t...

Tariauh Smith Mayes

Tariauh Smith Mayes

The tall, brown-eyed Tariauh Smith Mayes, 9th, is outgoing and not afraid to speak her mind. In fact, she makes friends easily. She says she is active and loves hanging out with friends. “My friends are very important to...

Lesly Sanchez

Lesly Sanchez, 9th, is a first-year Journalism student.


Diana Hernandez

Diana Hernandez, 9th, is a quiet, smart, nice person. She even does something that nobody thought she does considering how shy she is -- she has her own Youtube channel where she can be herself. It's called “GSEnergy” with...


Brittany Trenado

Brittany Trenado, 8th, is a nice, caring, loving, and thoughtful person who sleeps too much. In fact, you probably didn't know but she's good at makeup -- so good that your eyeballs will melt from the glowing and shining highlights....

Lizzy Vanegas

Lizzy Vanegas

Lizzy Vanegas, 9th, is a really nice, sweet, caring girl. She cares about others more than herself. Erendire Vanegas first met Lizzy when they went on a trip to California and realized they were cousins. “My favorite memory...


Danielle Thomason

The blue-eyed Danielle Thomason, 9th, talks often, likes to play too much, and is comfortable around her closest friends. Danielle and Ariel Jakub, 9th, met at Kimmons when Ariel was lost on her first day. “Ariel is...


Brianna Lentz

Still and quiet, the brown-haired Brianna Lentz, 8th, sat in 1st period Journalism and only talked to a few people. “I would describe myself as a very nice, quiet, and smart student,” Brianna said. "I like to skateboard...

John Rufino

John Rufino, 9th, is a very smart, talented, friendly student with lots of friends. He is not very talkative at times, but when he does talk, he is like an machine. "I would describe myself as a quiet, nice, and friendly person,”...

Malik Harris

Malik Harris, 8th, is a first-year Journalism student.

Diana Villanueva

Diana Villanueva

Diana Villanueva, 9th, is as smart and clever as a talking robot. "I would describe myself as quiet but loud when it comes to people I know,” Diana said. Diana has a younger sibling, Claudia, who gave her a big challenge...


Valerie Galdamez

Valerie Galdamez, 8th, is a nice, caring, funny, smart person. She has had so many injuries already -- broken both knees, her wrist, and her foot! She is always doing what is right and her grades prove it. She has five brothers,...


Chai Chanthavong

Being sassy, Chai Chanthavong, 9th, strolls every morning into first period Journalism class and casually makes the students laugh. With his bubbly personality and classic style, Chai says "Hey to his close friend Diana "Sophia"...

Marcus Wade

Marcus Wade, 9th, is a first-year Journalism student.

Zayveon Robinson

In first period Journalism, Zayveon Robinson, 9th, talks to best friend Angela Sanabria and gets distracted from doing his work. "I would describe myself as special and grateful," Zayveon said. "Also, I´m a very nice person." Angela...

Stephanie Guerrero

Stephanie Guerrero, 9th, has a laugh that is as funny as SpongeBob SquarePants. “I would describe myself as friendly, smart, lovable, nice,” Stephanie said. Stephanie's personality is funny. “Stephanie is really...


Angela Sanabria

Angela Sanabria, 9th, is a funny, silly, crazy, but serious (at times) person. "I would describe myself as nice and kind of annoying," Angela said. Angela cares a lot for her friends, said they are nice, funny, and always...

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez, 9th, is a second-year Journalism student.


Monica Harrison

Monica Harrison, 9th, is a second-year Journalism student.

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