Mobile Game Review: Subway Surfers


In the mobile game Subway Surfers, players run away from the cops and the dog. You have to dodge left or right to not get run over by buses. There will be times when you have to duck or jump or else you’ll trip and fall or run into a train and most likely die. Then, you will have to start over in the game.

Skills needed to play include being quick and able to concentrate. You canĀ“t lose focus or everything will get hard and seem like it’s going too fast. The more time you play, the faster your character will run, which requires even more concentration. To be successful, you need coins so you can buy items like surfboards to fly or keys for a second chance at life if you die in the game. You can also purchase faster speed and different types of characters.

People are addicted to Subway Surfers and love trying to beat their own high scores. They can even play for a whole hour without losing. Often, people brag about what their high score is, which makes others want to beat them. Some people just enjoy playing that game to not feel time, something that flies by so quickly when playing because you are so concentrated on not losing.