Music Review: Cavetown


I recently was lucky enough to attend a Cavetown concert in Texas during which singer Robin Skinner, a 24-year-old from Cambridge, England, asked someone in the crowd if he could borrow their transgender pride flag. Skinner finished his set with a fan favorite, “This is Home” — a well-known comfort song for young trans people.

“This one is an old one,” Skinner joked. “I’m not sure if you guys are really going to even know it, so if you leave during this one, I won’t mind.”

Instead of leaving, fans gathered around each other, making the large venue filled with strangers feel more like one big, well-connected family. Transgender listeners especially related to the song as it references Skinner’s personal experience and feelings of being transgender himself.

Listeners relate not only to the feelings expressed in Cavetown’s lyrics but also to Skinner’s struggles as a young trans boy. Skinner has created a kind community ever since he started releasing videos of himself singing and of his pet chameleon Caspar through his YouTube channel back in 2012. At age 14, he released his first album, Everything is Made of Clouds, to the American platform Bandcamp.