Video Game Review & Safety Guide: Roblox


In the video game Roblox, users can create and play games, socialize with other players, and have fun playing millions of game creations on this platform. There is no main goal in the game or limits to what you can do. Right when you open the app, it loads the people you have friended, games you last played,and games recommended. Down below at the near bottom of the screen is the avatar customization and shop. Some items are free, while others cost Robux, a form of game currency taking real life money and turning it into game money.

Roblox has many levels of difficulty depending on the game you choose to play. Some games are really easy, while other games are a lot more complicated. The age level is rated 12+, but there’s people a lot younger than that. Beware that the app includes inappropriate stuff that bypasses the security system: games and avatars unsuitable for kids, scammers tricking children, and hackers.┬áRoblox can be a good game, as long as you know the ways to be safe.

Here are a few simple, easy ways to stay safe.
1. Don’t give out your passwords to anyone ever!
2. Don’t trust people offering free Robux or trading. It’s a scam.
3. Don’t trust strangers too much.
4. Don’t say things you probably shouldn’t say.
5. Don’t click on or go to any sketchy links or websites.

If you follow these guidelines, then having fun on Roblox will be as easy as pie.