Mr. Mitchell Trumpets His Way to Kimmons

Mr. Mitchell Trumpets His Way to Kimmons

Inspired by his love for music at a young age, Mr. Stephan Mitchell enjoys being a Band director and sharing music with younger generations. In addition to earning a Bachelor’s of Art in Music Education from The University of Arkansas, Mr. Mitchell used to play trumpet in a professional salsa band called Calle Soul.

“My Band directors in high school, Tony Terry and Brad De’bow, fostered my love for music and inspired me to become a Band director,” Mr. Mitchell said. “They always put the students first.”

Before coming here, Mr. Mitchell, who is from Hot Springs, AR, served as the 9th grade Band director for four years at Mountain Home Junior High School.

The student musicians make Kimmons a fun and rewarding place to work.

“They are an incredible group of people who really focus on improving themselves through music,” Mr. Mitchell said. “We laugh and have good times in class, and the kids know when it’s time to focus up and get some work done. That dynamic makes my job incredibly enjoyable.”

Mr. Mitchell wishes to influence his students to enjoy making music.

“It’s a great hobby that has no age limit and brings people together,” Mr. Mitchell said. “I want music to be something that my students can take with them and have for the rest of their lives.”

Mr. Mitchell’s most difficult challenge is balancing the administrative and teaching sides of his job.

“There is so much that goes into a Band program behind the scenes, and it can be difficult to get everything done and still give every student the attention they deserve every day,” Mr. Mitchell said.

Outside of school, Mr. Mitchell looks forward to hanging out with friends somewhere they can relax, like camping along the Buffalo River.

“Sitting around a campfire or being somewhere we can unplug is a great way for me to clear my head and have some incredible conversations,” Mr. Mitchell said.