Miss Shea Trades in Customer Service for Media Clerk Title


Before becoming the new media clerk and counselors’ secretary here, Mrs. Shea Lowther held a variety of jobs like customer service, purchasing, inventory control, sales, and accounts receivable and payable. Her favorite job was quoting custom pieces in fabrication and manufacturing plants.

Miss Shea likes how the students here are respectful and make her laugh when they come to the Media Center.

“I love to see the young developing and learning,” Miss Shea said. “Children have always been very important to me as I’ve raised four of them myself. Children are our future, and we have a responsibility to teach them how to be productive in our society, responsible, happy, and most of all, kind.”

Miss Shea would love to learn the culture in the education field.

“I want to learn the language and how to navigate to best meet the needs of my counterparts,” Miss Shea said. “If I can at least get that part of it down, I’m satisfied with myself.”

The biggest challenge of being the Media Center secretary has been learning all of the rules and the software.

“I try to be as productive as possible without having to ask a lot of questions, so there is a lot of note taking!” Miss Shea said.

Outside of work, Miss Shea enjoys the outdoors. She rides motorcycles every chance she gets and goes camping, 4 wheeling, fishing, and shooting. Her favorite activities also include fellowship with friends, listening to music, especially with her talented musician friends who can play anything with strings on it – something she calls porch pickin.’

“If you don’t know what porch pickin’ is, well, it’s the best music out there!” Miss Shea said.