Music Review: Olivia Rodrigo


After releasing her album Drivers License back in January, Olivia Rodrigo broke records and got on the top charts in a matter of days. Leaving her fans begging for more, she released her new album Sour in May, which is filled with meaningful lyrics and beautiful melodies.

Rodrigo’s intro song is very diverse from the rest of the songs on her album or anything she’s ever released. “Brutal” — the most punk rock song on the album — takes listeners straight back to the hits of the 2000s. Fans know Rodrigo as a sad ballad singer, so she wanted to show the world that she is much more than a breakup with a boy.

Sour also includes the tracks “Traitor,” “1 step forward, 3 steps back,” “Enough for you,” and “Happier,” which give off a very raw and emotional feel. Listeners can feel the same hurt she feels as Rodrigo sings about being cheated on, having complications in a relationship, and having to move on from someone who moved on very quickly. Fans love Rodrigo so much because she speaks the raw truth, doesn’t hold back, and can put how we feel into words we could never begin to explain.

“Hope UR Ok” — the final track on the album — is more of a story than a song as Rodrigo sings about remembering old friends and the struggles they went through. She explains that even though they lost touch, she still hopes they are okay. This song is suggested to be the most deep and meaningful song on the album, talking about a rough topic like abuse. Even after releasing her new album, Rodrigo has left fans still begging for more after seeing everything she is capable of.