Netflix Movie Review: Double Dad


Set in Brazil, the Netflix movie Double Dad is about Vicenza, 18, who doesn’t know who her dad is, so she goes on a mission to find him. She finds two dads — Paco and Giovanne. Neither one is her real dad, but Vicenza doesn’t know that. The river setting is good because it is relaxing and is the location where Paco and Giovanne learn that they aren’t the only potential fathers. The conflict is relatable.

The make-up and costuming add humor to the movie. In a costume party scene, Paco and Giovanne are disguised so they won’t see each other and so that Vicenza can spend time with both of them without the other one recognizing her with her costume on.

I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars because it is funny seeing the dads argue that they both want to be her dad.