Boys Basketball Team Basks in Glory of Undefeated Season


As the basketball soared into the basket with a resounding WHOOSH, the intensity of the crowd shifted from nervous tension to extreme excitement. The boys had won yet another game in their undefeated season.

Coach Mondier believed the team’s success was due to its great student athlete leadership.

“Our season did not end the way we wanted it to last year,” Coach Mondier said. “The players that were a part of last year’s team have been on a mission not to feel the way we did in that locker room last season, and so far, it has paid off.”

Assistant Coach Cantrell attributed the success to the leadership of Coach Mondier.

“Coach Mondier’s drive, love, and knowledge of the game is the best in the state,” Coach Cantrell said. “He has gotten the boys to really buy in to what he is selling and they are reaping the rewards.”

Assistant Coach McBryde agreed with Coach Cantrell.

“Coach Mondier has led the program with an aggressive and accountable mindset,” Coach McBryde said. “The expectation every day is to be the best we can be. We don’t let up. It has bled over into the coaches and players. Our program expects the best from everyone including the coaching staff. Our guys have taken it to heart and that’s why you see the results we have had this season.”

To be successful, the athletes had to block everything out and bring their attention solely to basketball.

“The coaches just kept us focused mainly and pushed us to our limits,” Denarion Whitmore said.

By listening to their coaches’ advice, the boys played to their best abilities.

“The coaches coached us up mainly on the little things, and those little things allowed big plays to develop,” Jayden Daniels said.

It was important to the team to stay focused and fit.

“Coach Mondier kept us in line and in shape to make sure we played at our best potential,”
Dalystan Parker said.

Luke Young agreed.

“Coach Mondier motivated me to be the best person I can be on and off the court,” Luke said.

The team set a goal at the beginning of the season of being undefeated with everything that goes along with it: tournament championships, a conference championship, and a regional championship.

“That takes an intense commitment,” Coach Mondier said. “As the head coach, I have demanded that they prepare like championship teams prepare. I have pushed them very hard and they have met those challenges.”

Assistant Coach Cantrell is proud of the growth a lot of the boys have made.

“They have embraced their roles whether it be starting or coming off the bench,” Coach Cantrell said.

Assistant Coach McBryde believed that the boys consistently attacked each practice and game with the same mindset.

“The recent success hasn’t hindered their approach all season,” Coach McBryde said. “Arguably the biggest reason is that these guys are more willing to be coached. They listen and apply what our coaching staff preaches daily.”

The athletes pushed themselves to come out on top.

“We all had different jobs to get our # 1 assignment done, and that was to win,” Jayden said.

Dalyston’s personal goal was to follow through with expectations set by Coach Mondier.

“I helped my team by doing what Coach says and going 100% at all times,” Dalyston said.

To promote team bonding, the coaches made an effort to spend time off the court.

“Once a month, I had the varsity team over to my house for dinner,” Coach Mondier said. “My wife did an amazing job at being a team mom by cooking for them, telling them ‘good job,’ even when they don’t want to hear it. The guys enjoyed these dinners. It showed when time was winding down in games and those guys that didn’t play as much as others were on the floor. Those players and coaches on the bench were their biggest fans.”

Coach McBryde believed that Coach Mondier did a great job getting the team to get close to each other.

“Coach Mondier did an outstanding job with team bonding from the Super Bowl party to the New Year’s Eve get together,” Coach McBryde said. “The program has the desire to build the best team chemistry we can. Chemistry equals success. It was great to be apart of and see how close these guys are. The coaching staff even had gatherings to discuss basketball ideas and just to get to know each other. Overall, it has been a really fun group to be a part of.”