Cross Country Runners Ready for Survivors’ Challenge


Cross Country runners are ready to raise funds for Cancer fighters and survivors in Fort Smith through the 28th Annual Survivors’ Challenge, which is happening October 19, 2019. The Donald W. Reynolds Cancer Support House is hosting the event. Raiders will either run the timed 5K or 10K.

The athletes had their own methods for preparing for the race.

“Coach Wheat helped me by having early-morning practices, so that I know how to run in the morning,” Jaxon Stephens, 8th, said. “I also ran around my block.”

Nadia Facio, 9th, focused on her daily habits.

“I practiced my pace and ate healthy to improve my time,” Nadia said.

Ashley Aceves, who is running the 10K, made sure she was well rested and following her coach’s advice.

“I got a lot of sleep and practiced on my pace,” Ashley said. “Coach Wheat kept us positive and had us practice.”

The Cross Country athletes felt honored to run for someone they have lost to Cancer.

“My best friend died of cancer and so did my uncle,” Keisha Evans, 7th, said.

Jaxon has also been personally affected by the disease.

“I have lost people due to Cancer, so I am running for them,” Jaxon said.

Good support can make people with Cancer feel like they have a reason to fight, and running for those fighters makes these athletes proud.

“Showing that if you have Cancer, you need to fight no matter what and seeing survivors is the best because it shows they get another chance in life,” Ashley said.

The athletes take pride in participating in the Survivors’ Challenge.

“Knowing that I am running for Cancer awareness and celebrating survivors makes me feel good about myself,” Jayden Robinson, 9th, said.

Jose Perez, 8th, embraced the opportunity to support Cancer survivors.

“Knowing I’m running for a good reason and just to make people proud means a lot to me,” Jose said.

Helping people that you don’t even know can make you feel good.

“It makes me feel like an affable person because I raised money to help out with those who have Cancer,” Nadia said.