Mrs. Humphries Brings Skills, Experience to KJH


In her twenty years in education, Mrs. Humphries has gained a wide variety of experience. She taught first and fourth grades at Sunnymede Elementary School; served as a literacy coach, interventionist, and special education teacher at Tilles Elementary School; and taught special education resource for grades fourth through sixth at Fairview and Bonneville Elementary Schools. She even taught college classes to future teachers! In addition to all of these areas, Mrs. Humphries earned two master’s degrees and an Education Specialist (EdS) degree in Reading from the University of Arkansas Little Rock.

Mrs. Humphries likes the students and staff here.

“Everyone has been very friendly and respectful,” Mrs. Humphries said.

Because she saw the need for special education teachers, Mrs. Humphries felt called to that area.

“I changed what I thought my career path was and got a second Masters after earning my Education Specialist so that I could answer the call to become a Special Education teacher,” Mrs. Humphries said.

As a special education teacher, Mrs. Humphries feels that time is always the biggest challenge.

“There’s not enough time to accomplish all that needs to be done, whether that’s paperwork, time with students, or time to collaborate with other teachers,” Mrs. Humphries said.

Mrs. Humphries’ goal for this school year is working to improve student reading.

“It is a necessary life-long skill that is needed for jobs and life in general,” Mrs. Humphries said. “You are limited in how far you can go in life by your reading ability. Reading can also bring you pleasure, help you escape (in a positive way) to relax and experience places you’ve never been.”

Outside of school Mrs. Humphries enjoys doing creative things.

“I love to read and Do It Yourself (DIY) painting, repurposing garage sale finds, and crafts,” Mrs. Humphries said. “Both hobbies are relaxing to me.”

Something interesting about Mrs. Humphries is that her dad was in the Army when she was a child, so she moved around often.

“I lived in England for three years as a child (1st-3rd grade),” Mrs. Humphries said.