Mrs. Hubbs Rejoins Kimmons Faculty


After a seven-year break to stay at home with her children, Mrs. Sara Hubbs has returned! Kimmons has a special place in her heart since she taught here before.

“I am so excited to be back!” Mrs. Hubbs said.

With her master’s degree in Library Media and Information Technologies from University of Central Arkansas, Mrs. Hubbs loves reading.

“I enjoy helping students find books that they can connect to and really hook them in!” Mrs. Hubbs said.

As a reader herself, Mrs. Hubbs has a goal for students to do the same.

“My goal is for my students to not only become better readers but to genuinely enjoy it, so they will want to be lifelong readers,” Mrs. Hubbs said.

As a reading teacher, Mrs. Hubbs’ biggest challenge is that some kids are not excited about reading or do just do not like it.

“It then becomes my goal to help students find books that they can relate to in order to build excitement,” Mrs. Hubbs said. “I like to know what my students are interested in that way I can guide them to texts that they will be attracted to.”

Mrs. Hubbs likes being outside.

“I enjoy spending time with my family, canoeing, camping, hiking, kayaking, painting, cooking, crocheting…and of course, READING!” Mrs. Hubbs said.

A surprising fact about Mrs. Hubbs is that she coaches.

“I coach little league cheerleading during football season,” Mrs. Hubbs said.