Mrs. Gonzalez Puts Social Studies Degree Aside for ESL Position


Mrs. Blanca Gonzalez has gone from being a long-term sub in Language Arts and then Special Education to teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) here. Her bachelor’s degree from the University of Arkansas is actually in Social Studies Education.

Originally from Los Angeles, California, Mrs. Gonzalez was inspired to become an ESL teacher after her experience subbing for Mrs. Garcia.

“I became very interested in this field after subbing for two ESL teachers here,” Mrs. Gonzalez said. “I enjoyed working with Newcomers who were learning English.”

Mrs. Gonzales wants her students to be able to communicate while at school.

“My goal is to help my students grow and better their English language skills,” Mrs. Gonzalez said.

Mrs. Gonzalez loves the students here.

“They are all so unique and very kind,” Mrs. Gonzalez said.

Mrs. Gonzales’s biggest challenge is trying to teach students with very different language levels.

“I am willing to work hard to help each student show growth in all subject areas,” Mrs. Gonzalez said.

Outside of school, Mrs. Gonzalez loves to go shopping.

“If you work hard, you pay hard,” Mrs. Gonzalez said.

A surprising fact about Mrs. Gonzalez is that she carries two jobs — teacher and Best Buy sales associate.

“I’m a workaholic,” Mrs. Gonzalez said.