Mr. Dunn Upholds Math Family Tradition


As Brett Dunn teaches Algebra and Geometry to students for the first time, he feels nervous and excited. Mr. Dunn likes the environment here and really likes the staff.

“I have felt very welcomed by the kids and also my peers,” Mr. Dunn said. “I have really felt like I have landed in the right place.”

Math runs in Mr. Dunn’s family.

“My mom has been a teacher for thirty years and teaches AP calculus at Van Buren High School,” Mr. Dunn said. “My older brother and my twin brother are also math teachers in Little Rock.”

Because he is new and has not taught any of these students before, Mr. Dunn wants to get a feel for how much they know about math.

“Making math something they are excited to learn will be tough, but I am positive I can,” Mr. Dunn said.

Mr. Dunn wants students to learn more than what they had previously known.

“I also want to make math fun, so that they are doing math without even disliking it,” Mr. Dunn said.
Mr. Dunn, who is from Van Buren, graduated from the University of Arkansas Fort Smith. He has some hobbies out of school.

“I enjoy playing tennis and am also sort of a video game nerd,” Mr. Dunn said. “I also really like hanging out with my dogs and spending time with my girlfriend.”