Coach Cantrell Inspires Confidence


Coming from Wynne High School where he taught World History and coached football and soccer, Coach Patrick Cantrell is continuing to inspire athletes to fall in love with and trust the process of being great. Before that, he served as Assistant Head Football Coach and Defensive Coordinator at Clarendon High School for one year.

Coach Cantrell has some goals for the Raider football program.

“I want to help shift the culture of thinking and help prepare these young men for high school,” Coach Cantrell said.

Coach Cantrell’s biggest challenge is getting athletes and students to see what he sees in them.

“I see great potential and ability that most do not see in themselves,” Coach Cantrell said. “I hope to get athletes and students to see and believe the greatness that is inside of them.”

Overall, Coach Cantrell enjoys Kimmons.

“Kids are great, and the administration and community are awesome!” Coach Cantrell said.

Growing up, Coach Cantrell wanted to be a professional athlete.

“Injury cut my career short in high school, so I started coaching the Greenwood Pitbulls,” Coach Cantrell said.

His bachelor’s degree in Health and P.E. from Arkansas Tech University is the perfect fit for Coach Cantrell because he doesn’t like to stay still and prefers being active.

“P.E. is a great chance to move all day not stay still,” Coach Cantrell said.
Outside of school, Coach Cantrell likes fishing and hunting.

“It’s peaceful and quiet,” Coach Cantrell said. “I also love to play softball.”

One surprising fact is that Coach Cantrell plays a few instruments — guitar, bass, and drums.

“When I went on a missions trip to El Salvador, I got to play drums on stage with a local band whose drummer couldn’t play,” Coach said. “Also, playing these instruments is calming and sometimes a great stress relief. Plus, the ladies dig it!”