Mr. Candelaria Balances His Time Between Classroom & Gym


Mr. Dyllan Candelaria, who used to teach 8th grade Economics and Civics at Berryville, has two roles here: assistant volleyball coach and 8th grade social studies teacher. He also worked as a P.E. paraprofessional in grades K-6 at Bear and Cavanaugh Elementary Schools.

Mr. Candelaria, who has a bachelor’s degree in social studies education from UAFS, really enjoys the staff and students here.

“The students have personality and come into class with good attitudes, while the staff is very friendly and welcoming,” Mr. Candelaria said.

His basketball coaches at Alma inspired Mr. Candelaria to want to become a coach.

“I learned how to channel my competitiveness and love for being part of a team,” Mr. Candelaria said. “The teaching aspect came from a few high school teachers who were patient and understanding with me. They really helped me learn, and I want to help do the same.”

As for taking on the challenge of being at a new school, Mr. Candelaria is a little nervous.

“My biggest challenge is the intimidation of a new school with new teachers, new students, and new principals,” Mr. Candelaria said. “It can be overwhelming at times, having to take so much in so quickly.”

Mr. Candelaria also has some goals for this year.

“My goal as an assistant volleyball and girls’ basketball coach is to help our athletes have success on the court and to develop smart, respectful young adults off the court,” Mr. Candelaria said. “As a history teacher, I hope my students learn to enjoy history and see its importance.”

Outside of school, Mr. Candelaria has some hobbies.

“I enjoy watching sports, especially college football and basketball,” Mr. Candelaria said. “I also play video games, watch Netflix, and hang out with my friends, family, and wife Jessica.