Ms. Ali Moves from Private to Public Schools


Originally from Benghazi, Libya, on the Northern coast of Africa, Ms. Ghufran Ali taught math and science for twelve years before coming here. She educated students in grades fourth through tenth at private schools in Houston, TX, and in Fort Smith.

Ms. Ali likes the diversity at KJH.

“Also, everyone is nice and helpful,” Ms. Ali said.

Her large family of five sisters and two brothers inspired Ms. Ali to become a teacher.

“As the oldest, I was always expected to help them with their school work, and I did especially well with math and science,” Ms. Ali said. “Then, I went and got a bachelor’s degree in engineering, which really inspired me to become a math teacher.”

Being a teacher comes with its difficulties.

“The biggest challenge is all the things that we as teachers are required to do beside teaching,” Ms. Ali said.

Outside of school, Ms. Ali likes to explore.

“I love to travel and see different places and learn about other cultures,” Ms. Ali said.

A surprising face about Ms. Ali is that she used to speed drive.

“Once I jumped my car over the median on a freeway in Libya for it to land on the other side of the freeway,” Ms. Ali said. “Also, I used to be the head of the production department in an oil company.”