Ms. Munsell Moves On

Ms. Munsell Moves On

From insurance claims office secretary to English as a Second Language (ESL) inclusion co-teacher here, Ms. Munsell is retiring after 28 years in education.

Back when Ms. Munsell taught 3rd and 5th grade in Liberal, Kansas, this graduate of St. Mary’s of the Plains College knew she wanted to become an ESL teacher.

“I saw children from different cultures struggling to learn, and I wanted to help,” Ms. Munsell said.

A memorable moment in Ms. Munsell’s teaching career was when three of her former third grade students came to visit when they were in high school. She had used different songs and techniques to help them learn their multiplication and division facts.

“Each said they were doing extremely well in math due to the songs and games they played,” Ms. Munsell said. “One student said he could still remember the music and lyrics.”

The biggest challenge Ms. Munsell has faced was trying to instill the importance of reading.

“I believe reading is the key to success,” Ms. Munsell said. “Many students are caught up in the technology move and reading has been replaced.”

In her ten years here, Ms. Munsell has observed one major change — technology.

“After years of using paper, pencils and textbooks, students are now using computers,” Ms. Munsell said. “This technology hinders every student who does not have internet at home because they can not complete homework or review previous assigned work. As a teacher of ESL, I know that students’ reinforcement of skills and practice is essential. Sending home a book with skill work is out of the question since books are taboo! How sad!”

Ms. Munsell will miss working with Kimmons students and teachers.

“Kimmons Junior High School is filled with caring, hardworking students and teachers,” Ms. Munsell said. “I will miss seeing the students grow into young adults and achieve their dreams.”

Now that she has retired, Ms. Munsell plans to read, work in her yard and flower gardens, fish with her grandson, go boating and enjoy each day without stress.

“I am going to catch up on living,” Ms. Munsell said.