Cheer and Dance Celebrate in Fayetteville

With the outside temperature at 90 degrees, cheerleaders and Raiderettes rode go-karts and bumper cars and played miniature golf, laser tag, and arcade games at Locomotion in Fayetteville in April.

“My favorite activity was go-karts because it was fun to beat my competition,” Lakeya Richardson, 8th, said.

Teammates got to do a variety of activities.

“My favorite activity was when we went laser tagging because it gave me a rush,” Jamaya Jordan, 8th, said.

On a warm day, the girls were glad to have something to cool them off.

“My favorite activity was the bumper boats because it was hot outside, and we kept spraying each other with cold water,” Amya Salter, 9th, said.

After Locomotion, they went to the Fayetteville Mall where they could 150 stores, hang out, and eat.

“I enjoyed going into all the different stores that aren’t in Fort Smith, finding great deals, and eating Chick-Fil-A,” Isbella Linthavong, 8th, said.

Some girls turned the experience into a modeling opportunity.

“I enjoyed trying on formal dresses with my friends,” Samantha Rivera, 9th, said.

Students enjoyed spending more time with their teammates.

“We had a good bonding experience,” I’Niyah Shaw, 8th, said.

Kyleigh Cason enjoyed shopping with her best friend Blythe Roberson.

“We bought matching friendship bracelets,” Kyleigh said.

The trip to Fayetteville was a reward for the girls’ teamwork throughout the school year.

“Being on the dance team taught me that I should remain confident every day, no matter what,” Yanelli Gonzalez, 9th, said. “Before being a Raiderette, I had never been confident about myself and had a lot of anxiety. Dance changed that.”

Bonding with teammates is a memorable experience.

“What being on the dance team meant to me was being part of a family,” Aisha Williams, 9th, said.

Having school spirit is a must-have to be on any team.

“Being on the dance team meant that I was a part of the school because I was able to represent Kimmons,” Erika Galicia Villauneva, 8th, said.

The freshmen passed on advice for new team members.

“I would say to be confident in yourself because I lacked confidence and I struggled,” Shaila Dawson said.

Jamya agreed with Shaila about being confident and added more advice.

“Stay out of the drama and try your hardest because your year will be lots better if you do everything you’re supposed to,” Jamya said.

Lakeya advised new members not to think cheer is easy.

“This sport is hard — it’s not rainbows and teddy bears,” Lakeya said.

Dedication is key.

“Never give up and be confident in what you do because everything may seem hard now, but all the hard work shows later on,” Dynasty Andrews said.