Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Storey


Mrs. Storey, a superhero to her students, became a teacher because she wanted to make a difference in the world and make her kids happy like never before. This Arkansas Tech University graduate has taught 8th grade Language Arts and coached cheerleading here for five years.

“I love working with young people,” Mrs. Storey said. “I think that molding and shaping them into the people they will be is a unique and rewarding opportunity. So many people get up and just go to a ‘job.’ I get to come to school and help change our world for the better.”

Mrs. Storey’s main goal is to inspire students to change.

“If I can help just one student overcome an obstacle, change his/her mindset about learning, or alter their life for the better in some small way, then I have accomplished what I set out to do as an educator,” Mrs. Storey said. “I would also like to go back to school this summer and start to work towards my master’s degree and eventually work towards my National Board certification.”

Mrs. Storey, who has attended Hot Spring Technology Institute (HSTI) for five years, loves to enhance learning with technology.

“My favorite technology training I have implemented into the classroom would have to be Snaps 4 Learning,” Mrs. Storey said. “The students really enjoy being able to show me their understanding through snapchat, bitmojis, and emojis, and I love seeing what creative ideas they come up with.”

Working with Kimmons students keeps Mrs. Storey on her toes.

“There is never a dull moment in the classroom, and the students never shy away from sensitive topics or fear telling you exactly what they think,” Mrs. Storey said.

Outside of school, Mrs. Storey enjoys reading, traveling, swimming, and hand lettering.

“I enjoy these hobbies because they help me relax and unwind from life,” Mrs. Storey said.