Lady Raiders Savor Wins, Overcome Losses


Volleyball is a very competitive sport, and in order to work well together, the Lady Raiders had to stay positive.

According to Nawdia Sayvongsa, 9th, encouragement was a big part of overcoming adversity.

“We always told each other that we’re okay and we got this,” Nawdia said. “We’d encourage each other.”

Teila Tran, 9th, brought peace and communication to her teammates.

“When we played against Van Buren, we had amazing communication and even though we lost, it was fun and intense,” Teila said. “It was the best we played as a team.”

Nataidra Shade, 9th, agreed with Teila.

“When we went against Van Buren, we didn’t back down, and we overcame our mistakes.”

Alayha Glover, 8th, saw a strategy for not giving up.

“When we had games where we had a losing mindset, we had to come together and push through,” Alayha said.

Salarah Logan, 9th, had a memorable moment from the season.

“When we played Darby, I liked the tension between us — you could really feel the pressure,” Salarah said.

I’Niyah Shaw, 8th, also picked the Darby game.

“Our game against Darby was so thrilling!” I’Niyah said. “We competed so well and worked so hard.”

Paola Delafuente, 8th, said that the last game was the most memorable.

“We won, and it was our last game,” Paola said. “Also, I’m going to miss the 9th graders because they made the season fun.”

Maribel Gomez, 8th, enjoyed the first and last game against Darby.

“Darby is our biggest rival, and we beat them both times!” Maribel said. “But every memory was memorable because this team was like a family to me.”

The Darby game was also memorable for Dynasty Andrews, 9th.

“Freshmen Night was one of my best games,” Dynasty said. “We got a great win against our rival, Darby.”

Marcela Martinez, 9th, comforted her teammates after losses and gave them compliments.

“The most memorable moment was when Coach Walden became our coach, and we as a team worked with her.”

Nataidra kept a smile on her face.

“In the last game, we were really happy and enjoyed ourselves,” Nataidra said.