Struggles in School

John Rufino, Reporter

Lots of schools only pay attention when students get a tardy or earn bad grades. People don’t always understand what has or is happening to the student. Some students have gotten bad grades because they are stressed out. They might have gotten in to arguments outside of school or have social problems and that might caused the struggles. They might feel lonely and sad, so they just give up. The student might just think that they can’t do anything. Struggles in school can cause lots of bad habits because students think that’s the only thing they are good for.

People have ADHD that might cause struggles, and they might not know it, like the actor, celebrity, and game show host Howie Mandel. He lived with ADHD and OCD for his whole life and didn’t know until his 40s. He probably had lots of struggles in school. He said that his game show has done a great job with ADHD. He would stand behind the podium and read the questions.