Why We Should Help Others


Helping others is something we should do every day. It isn’t something you learn. It is just something you do without anyone asking. Helping others is something that can lift people who don’t feel like they’re important and leave them with something that can make them feel like they’re human just as much as everyone else is. People deserve to be treated just as well as we want to be treated. Helping others is a very good deed and can help us feel better about ourselves, which is very good for our lives. People should try and help others all around the world.

What can you do?
Give a homeless person money for food.
Donate money to children who have a bad disease that can kill them if they parents do not have enough money for the treatment.
Pick up trash in the area because that could cause pollution in the Earth.
Tell people who don’t feel like they deserve anything, “Thank you” or “Good job.”