Social Media Stars

Social Media stars are the new celebrities in our generation. Some of the social media we use (or used to use) are what gave these new celebrities that name. For example, many social media stars emerged from a vine. YouTube also gave many social media stars a platform in were they could start in. Before any of that happened, didn’t these people have something else going on in their lives? Where did they start from to get their fame now? These are some questions I have for Liza Koshy, Jake Paul, and Shane Dawson. There are more people I would like to question and maybe find an answer for, but I’m just going to focus on them.

All three of these online celebrities make Youtube videos that they post to their own channels. Each one has a different audience and different content. Liza Koshy does comedy videos, Jake Paul does vlogs for kids, and Shane Dawson does documentaries about controversial YouTubers. Before they became famous, Liza and Jake did vines in high school. Shane had been making YouTube videos for quite some time and started in 2007. For these now YouTubers, they mostly became famous because of funny videos or comedy skits.

There are always questions we are going to have for these celebrities. They are so interesting to know about since they are this generation’s new celebrities and not everyone gets how they became famous. Getting famous is hard enough, but using an app to become famous seems kinda impossible. Vine and YouTube seem to be popular with social media stars since it got them a platform even if the app doesn’t exist anymore.