Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Medlock


Mrs. Medlock, a loud, joyful, and a supportive teacher, can often be found with Mrs. Holland in the halls. Teaching for nine years — all at Kimmons, Mrs. Medlock works with students in grades 7 through 9 for math intervention. She had previously substituted at several schools but really hoped to get hired here, and she did!

“I love the diversity and the varying personalities of our students,” Mrs. Medlock said. “They make every day a new day, and an entertaining one of that!”

Mrs. Medlock always wanted to be a teacher growing up because she loved helping others.

“I have always been a lifelong learner,” Mrs. Medlock said. “I swayed from my path toward education when I went to college at Oklahoma State University because I felt like everyone was doing it, and I wanted to be different. I regretted it later on down the road, and crazy life changes led me back to where I wanted to be in the first place.”

As for her goals as a teacher, Mrs. Medlock wants every student she works with to know that they can do it.

“Even if they feel like they are behind now, they can still work hard to learn and catch up to where they want to be,” Mrs. Medlock said. “I also want my students to not be afraid to make mistakes or ask for help! I love it when I help a student ‘get it,’ and I see that light bulb come on!”

As PTSA president, Mrs. Medlock hopes to accomplish a lot.

“My main goal is to increase the amount of parental involvement in our school,” Mrs. Medlock said. “I feel like the more parents are involved, the more likely our kiddos are to succeed!”

Mrs. Medlock has a few interesting hobbies.

“I love spending time with my family, camping, and watching the OSU Cowboys!” Mrs. Medlock said.