Losing Important Items


Losing items on a everyday basis is a huge struggle for a lot of people. Have you ever been in that situation? Often, we lose personal items like cellphones, student ID cards, chargers, and clothing. It happens too often for us, and sometimes it leads to us getting in trouble. As teenagers, most of the time our minds are somewhere else. It is crazy how the stuff we tend to lose are the most important to us or are things we use every day. We know from personal experience that when you lose something worth value or that you need, you go crazy trying to find it.

Some personal tips are put important items in an easy-to-grab location. You could also use the 18-inch rule: look in the last place you had it. Just look all around that area because, chances are, the item you lost is most likely still there . . . unless someone moved it. If that’s the situation, then good luck finding your beloved item!