Spotlight of the Month “Most Thankful”: Miss Pauline

Gratitude is often expressed towards teachers and principals, but not often towards the people who work behind the scenes. All the messes left behind each day must be cleaned up be someone. Custodian Miss Pauline Dumas was selected as the first staff spotlight of the month. Miss Pauline beat out fifteen other nominees to win November’s “Most Thankful.”

“I felt amazed, shocked, and happy about winning the award,” Miss Pauline said. “There are many amazing people here.”

Before working as a custodian, Miss Pauline served meals to students for ten years. She switched jobs so she would not have to be confined to the kitchen. Miss Pauline can also be seen selling tickets at athletic events and joining the Cross Country athletes in the Survivor’s Race for Cancer Awareness.

“My favorite part of my job is interacting with kids,” Miss Pauline said.