Secretary Miss Isela Avila Steps Down to Step Up


From school secretary to teacher to secretary again, Miss Isela Avila set her sights on completing her masters degree in school counseling at UCA. Because it is too difficult to complete an internship and work full time, Miss Isela left Kimmons in November.

“I’ll miss the fun I had with everyone in the front office,” Miss Isela said.

Miss Isela’s sister, also a secretary, originally inspired her to start working in the Fort Smith school district.

“She told me it was an awesome job,” Miss Isela said.

Miss Isela’s desire for change led her out of the office and into the classroom.

“I started as a secretary, so I was around a lot of teachers, and they influenced me to get a teaching license.”

After four years of teaching Spanish at Northside High School, Miss Isela decided to return to secretarial work, this time at Kimmons.

“I enjoyed both jobs, but I realized they weren’t for me,” Miss Isela said.

Miss Isela made a point that could inspire many people in their everyday life.

“I believe in not getting stuck doing one thing,” Miss Isela said.

Miss Isela has her heart in the right place when it comes to her reason for changing jobs.

“I want to be able to help students with personal issues, school issues, and career path,” Miss Isela said. “I struggled with that a lot as a student so I want to be able to do that for students.”