New Kid on the Block, Mrs. Newman


Mrs. Newman

Being the new kid isn’t always easy, but Mrs. Newman has made the adjustment with a bit more ease. She has set some goals she hopes to achieve.

“As the new 7th grade Language Arts teacher at Kimmons, my short-term goal is to learn the names of all my students,” Mrs. Newman said. “It sounds odd, I know, but in my previous school at Webbers Falls, Oklahoma, I often had the same students several years in a row, so remembering their names was easy. My long-term goal is to provide my students with the best educational experience I can. I want all my students to leave 7th grade with a feeling of success.”

Even with the new adjustment to Kimmons, Mrs. Newman is liking her new surroundings.

“I really like how friendly and welcoming everyone has been,” Mrs. Newman said. “It has made being a newby much less nerve-racking.”

Mrs. Newman had several teachers through the years who contributed to her decision to become a teacher.

“The one who had the greatest influence would have to be my mother who was a teacher for 31 years,” Mrs. Newman said. “Seeing how dedicated and creative she was in her teaching and how much her students loved and respected her really sparked my desire to become a teacher.”

Mrs. Newman worked at Webbers Falls public school in Oklahoma as a 4th through 8th grade Language Arts teacher and a 2nd, 3rd, and 6th grade self-contained teacher before coming here. Even though she’s been in education for 14 years, there are still hardships that can occur.

“Honestly, I feel my biggest challenge is getting kids to understand the importance of school,” Mrs. Newman said. “I know often they think it’s just something they have to do because adults said they have to, but I try to help them understand that their time in school is actually preparation for life. Sometimes it’s hard to get adolescents to see the big picture.”

On her days off, Mrs. Newman values her free time..

“I enjoy reading, going to movies, and spending time with family,” Mrs. Newman said. “There are times I feel like my family and I just see each other in passing, so when I get the chance to have dinner with my mother, hangout with my daughter, or spend extra time with my husband, I take advantage of it. It’s important to enjoy a little down time.”

Along with her family values, an interesting fact about Mrs. Newman is that she’s adopted.

“My mother and I look a lot alike,” Mrs. Newman said. “The surprising part of that, though, is that adoption runs in my family. I am the adopted daughter of an adopted daughter. Even my biological mother was adopted.”