Mr. Mondier Marches to KJH from Northside


Fort Smith local Mr. Mondier is the new 8th grade social studies teacher and boys’ basketball coach. A Northside High School graduate, Mr. Mondier returned there to teach history for six years after graduating from Brigham Young University in Idaho.

What Mr. Mondier likes best about Kimmons so far is the people.

“The faculty here are great,” Mr. Mondier said. “They have been very warm and welcoming. I have also enjoyed getting to know the students.”

Experienced local coaches inspired Mr. Mondier to become a coach.

“Coach Jennings at Darby and Coach Lasker at Northside were a great help to me on the path to becoming a coach,” Mr. Mondier said. “I have always played and loved sports. The best way to stay close and have an impact for a long period of time is to be a coach.”

Now that he is a coach, Mr. Mondier has one main obstacle.

“Getting young men to buy in to the team first is a challenge,” Mr. Mondier said. “Some, not all, athletes play for personal success and not team success. They have yet to understand that when the team succeeds we all succeed.

Mr. Mondier has positive goals for this year.

“I want to build quality relationships with my students and players and push them to accomplish things they did not think they could,” Mr. Mondier said.

Outside of school, Mr. Mondier enjoys family time.

“I like spending time with my family and traveling when we have time,” Mr. Mondier said.