Coach Bowden Tackles 7th Grade Football and P.E.


Coach Bowden

Having just graduated from the University of Arkansas, Coach Bowden is new to the career field of teaching. Here he is teaching physical education, coaching 7th grade football, and monitoring SDC. This Mountain Home, Arkansas, native has something he likes best about Kimmons.

This Mountain Home, Arkansas, native has something he likes best about Kimmons.

“I really like the sense of community that the school has with regards to both the teachers and students,” Coach Bowden said.

His former coaches inspired Mr. Bowden to become a teacher.

“The most influential people were my high school head football coach Benji Mahan and my senior year Careers teacher Cathy Beckham,” Coach Bowden said. “Both inspired me because they made such a difference in my life. They did a great job of showing me what a teacher is really supposed to be by not only teaching me great content but also teaching me life lessons along the way, and that’s why I wanted to become a teacher, so I can do the same for my students that they did for me.”

Coach Bowden has goals for his first year teaching.

“Being a first year teacher, my goal is just to survive the year and also to build great relationships with colleagues and students that will last for many years,” Coach Bowden said.

Outside of school, Coach Bowden keeps it simple.

“To be honest, I am kind of a nerd, so I don’t do a whole lot outside of school,” Coach Bowden said. “However, I do enjoy the normal things like hanging out with friends, and I also really enjoy golfing, even though I am not that great at it.”

Coach Bowden’s biggest challenge is finding time to get everything done.

“The biggest challenge I face as a coach is time management,” Coach Bowden said. “I stay pretty busy so sometimes it is hard to have a life outside of my job. If I am not careful, I will end up working all the time and never having a social life.”