Secretary Cowan Set to Retire in May

Attendance Secretary Mrs. Cowan, who has been here since 2011, will be retiring in May. In her six years, she has seen Kimmons change administrators and paint color on the walls.

“I have many memories here and should have written a book entitled Why I Was Tardy,” Mrs. Cowan said. “It would have been a best seller, followed by I Wasn’t Tardy!

Mrs. Cowan has some things she will miss about KJH.

“I will miss my friends and the stories we have shared, the students who DON’T have lunch detention, and the students who DO have lunch detention,” Mrs. Cowan said.

Mrs. Cowan has some plans for after retiring.

“I plan to spend time with my three grandchildren, volunteer at church, garden, and take long stress-free walks,” Mrs. Cowan said.

Mrs. Cowan’s fellow attendance secretary, Mrs. Ledbetter, said she will dearly miss working with Mrs. Cowan.

“I truly can’t image work life without her!” Mrs. Ledbetter said. “Over the past six school years, we’ve laughed, cried, supported each other, and most of the time, we can finish each other’s sentences!” Mrs. Ledbetter said. “There is no greater work partner and friend!”

Dr. Rathbun said Mrs. Cowan has good attributes as an attendance secretary.

“Mrs. Cowan is so easy to work with and is always friendly and willing to help in any way that she can,” Dr. Rathbun said. “I will miss her sense of humor and her funny stories.”