Boys’ Basketball Athletes Take Pride


The athletes who played in the Boys’ Basketball season took great pride in their successful season — 9th grade won 14 games and only lost one.

Jaylin Williams, 9th, played basketball for the chance to challenge himself and improve.

“People who say I’m not good, it makes me work harder,” Jaylin said.

There were challenges and happy times for the 7th grade team.

Treyon Scott, 7th, saw one of the great moments of the season.

“My favorite moment was when Jayden got blocked,” Treyon said.

These athletes played to hone their skills, and others played just for fun.

Jacob Joe, 8th, played for the brotherhood he felt for the game and the team.

“I like that I have good teammates because that helped us win games,” Jacob said.

Demarion Shepard, 9th, was extremely happy with the results of the game against rival, Darby Junior High.

“My favorite moment of basketball this season is the Darby game because it was lit,” Demarion said.