Lady Raiders Grow, Bond During Basketball Season

Each Lady Raider basketball team changed throughout the season.

The freshmen improved over the season by putting in more effort and giving less attitude.

“The growth that the kids showed went from getting in trouble to doing the right thing and being better teammates to one another,” Coach Ludgood said.

The freshmen team evolved.

“We played better, and we had more fun,” Quineisha Tillery said. “We got turnt before each game.”

The ladies had some pretty great times this season over all.

“The team itself grew by working together; also, we changed by having belief in one another,” Ke’ona Waugh said. “That’s what teams do.”

Iesha Tillery agreed.

“We just played with them period, practiced with them, were just on the team with them,” Iesha said.

The 8th grade team worked to make their team stronger.

“We continuously worked together and never gave up,” Jenna Newton said. “We also counted on each other.”

The team bonded.

“We were such a strong team because we worked like a team together and cared for each other,” Jaquelin Delafuente said.

The 8th graders talked out their problems with each other.

“Our team was strong because we talked things out if we had a bad day and had attitudes,” Sky Masterson said. “We got through things together. We just didn’t stay upset.”

The 7th grade team improved so that in the future they could achieve their goals.
“Teamwork made me want to become a better player because teamwork is all you need to become better and be successful,” Nawdia Sayvongsa said.

Playing basketball made a positive impact on the seventh graders’ lives.

“I wanted to become a better player because if I played well, it can open many doors for me in the future,” Yamileth Viera-Lopez said.

Some athletes played the sport to reach goals and experience leadership.

“Something that made me want to be a better player was by striving to reach every one of my goals in basketball and to be a leader to my team,” Dynasty Andrews said.

Each team wrapped up and put their input into their favorite moments of the basketball seasons.

“Playing up with my girls and having fun riding the bus and winning the games made us just get ready for the game even more,” Nariyah Church said.