Teachers Honored by President Obama


Mrs. Potts, Brandon Pixley, and Mrs. Allison

Two Kimmons’ teachers, Mrs. Potts and Mrs. Allison, were honored at a school board meeting after receiving a letter from President Obama for their work with Brandon Pixley.

It all began in November 2016 when Brandon’s father wanted to show how much he appreciated these teachers’ efforts in helping Brandon with his school work and behavior and increasing Brandon’s reading level by six levels. Within two months, President Obama wrote back to Mr. Pixley who then delivered the letter to Kimmons.

Both Mrs. Potts and Mrs. Allison appreciated what Brandon’s father had done for them.

“I felt very honored and shocked because I never expected to receive a letter from the President of the United States,” Mrs. Potts said.

Mrs. Allison felt very appreciative as well.

“We are really proud of Brandon and the hard work that he has done to get to the classes that he is in,” Mrs. Allison said. “This was a team effort between parents, teachers, paraprofessionals and most importantly Brandon’s hard work at school and home.”

Principal Mrs. Rathbun agreed.

“This is a great honor, not only for our teachers but for Kimmons. I appreciate Brandon and his father taking the time to write a letter to recognize Mrs. Potts and Mrs. Allison or their hard work and dedication,” Principal Rathbun said.