Coach East Triumphs


Coach East, a strong and brave cancer survivor, has been through many things in life and has never given up.

‘’The biggest challenges have been coming to terms with what was actually happening after I received my diagnosis and then once treatment started dealing with all side effects,” Coach East said.

Back at KJH after battling cancer since November of 2015, Coach East looked strong and very happy to be back to work. She had been gone for nearly six months and made her big return on August 29th, 2016.

“I missed being in a normal daily routine and being around those that were so supportive of me through this,” Coach East said.

In November of 2016, Coach East’s routine was disrupted again. This time, by follow-up surgery. To show their support, students in her 3rd period class threw her a surprise going away party.

This experience taught Coach East a lot.

“When something like this happens to you, you realize how important every day is and how lucky you are to be here because so many women are not that fortunate,” Coach East said.

Coach East advises people going through the same thing as her to never give up.

“Stay positive and always have hope being negative will not get you anywhere,” Coach East said.

Video of 3rd Period Going-Away Party: