Freshmen Football Players Pass on Advice


After three years of fall football seasons, the freshmen boys played their final junior high game — a game the Raiders lost by only one point. Despite the sadness, the boys shared their feelings and advice for the upcoming freshmen.

“I was really sad because I’m moving on and others will take my place,” Wilson Bonilla said. “I say do the little things in practice, work hard, and don’t goof off. Pay attention so you know what to do during the games.”

Andrew Hubbard agreed.

“Listen to your coaches, and don’t do your thing,” Andrew said. “Always work hard.”

Kris Jeffries also believes in the importance of listening to the coaches.

“You might think the coaches don’t know what they are talking about, but they do,” Kris said.

Shaquan Perry felt somewhat sad but also happy.

“It was fun, and I’m going to miss Kimmons and the team,” Shaquan said. “The new freshmen should just go out there and have fun. You win some. You lose some. So if you lose, keep your head up.”

Kobe Mosley also felt a mixture of sadness and happiness.

“It was sad to leave my coaches, friends, cousins, and teammates, but it was fun to play the last game since it’s all about having a good time,” Kobe said. “My advice to the new players is to come to practice with a good attitude, put in the work, and have self discipline. Then, you’ll be successful and may win conference.”

Jalen Perry enjoyed playing the last game with his “brothers.”

“It’s hard because I know it won’t be the same,” Jalen said. “My advice is win or lose, stay lit!”

Kobe Sisouphanh felt good knowing the team ended the season hard, and there’s no more football practice.

“My advice to younger players is to be a family and learn to have fun with each other,” Kobe said. “Don’t be negative and kill their mood.”

J.T. Thorne felt proud in knowing he gave football his all and feels that the younger generation should, too.

“Do the best you can to keep your head on right and always show respect,” J.T. said. “It builds character.”

Even though he did not get to play in the final game, Damarian Shepard still has advice for the younger athletes.

“Stay out of trouble, keep your grades up, and have a positive attitude throughout the year,” Damarian said.

The Raiders may have lost their final game by one point, but several were still happy with the season overall.

“Actually I’m excited to have played my last junior high game because now I get to extend my career as a Northside Grizzly,” Skyler Mingboupha said.

As for his advice, Skyler suggested that athletes should not play around.

“You have to show the coaches your desire for football,” Skyler said. “Put 100% effort into everything you do.”

Shen Phanomsack did not let the final loss get to him.

“Too bad bad we lost by one point, but that doesn’t matter,” Shen said. “Performance wise, we could have done a lot better, but those things are easy to work on.”

Kris Jeffries felt sad at knowing he won’t be here next year.

“It seems like just yesterday we were in 7th grade,” Kris said. “Time flies.”