Volleyball Athletes Wrap up Season, Offer Advice


The freshmen Lady Raiders’ have ended their time as volleyball athletes at Kimmons and will be delivering the heat all the way to Northside High School next year.

“Playing my last game at KJH feels sad, but I am also happy that I’m moving on,” Eriel West said. “I’m sad I’m growing up, but then again, I’m excited for what my future holds, like maybe playing at Northside.”

Iesha Tillery also felt sad.

“It felt sad because I have to leave next year and won’t get to play at Kimmons anymore,” Iesha said.

Celeste Vargas found a silver lining.

“It has been really wonderful to be a part of the volleyball team for all three years here,” Celeste said.

The Lady Raiders have some advice for the upcoming freshmen.

“The advice I would give the younger players is not to have attitudes and to play like you want to be here,” Tamia Knauls said.

Heather Boone agreed that having healthy relationships with teammates is key.

“I advise the younger players to get along and play together because if they don’t, the team will fall apart,” Heather said.

Oriana Harrison had similar advice.

“Keep good attitudes throughout the whole game and stay drama free,” Oriana said. “You have to get along with your team to win games.”