Colin Kaepernick Protest Ignites Controversy

Colin Kaepernick Protest Ignites Controversy

At the preseason game in August, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick chose not to stand for the National Anthem as a silent, peaceful protest. In an interview after the game, Kaepernick said, “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people or people of color.” Since then, several other NFL players have joined Kaepernick’s silent protest.

I support Kaepernick’s choice to protest because he has that right due to the First Amendment. There’s people who say rude things to Hispanics and African Americans; yet, they also say they are proud to be Americans. No one should make others feel bad, no matter what race they are or what religion they believe in. To me, Americans should stick together and support others, but there are people who use the flag to discriminate.

Some have said that they support Kaepernick’s protest, yet wouldn’t follow his lead. In fact, other NFL players such as Vincent Jackson, Clinton McDonald, and Lavonte David all said they will continue to stand for the National Anthem because they have personal ties to the military. In an interview on Fox News, Staff Sergeant Johnny Jones, who lost both of his legs in battle, talked about why he tweeted: “Hey @Kaepernick7, I don’t have legs, but I’ll stand with enough pride for both of us every time my National Anthem plays.”

If I put myself is Kaepernick’s shoes, I wouldn’t refuse to stand for the National Anthem because I would remember Americans — people of different races — fight in the military for our country. Many people have died for this country, but there are people who forget about that. I say everyone has a right to say what they want, but no matter what your actions, please consider the consequences on others.