New Faculty: Coach Pratt

New Faculty: Coach Pratt

New football and basketball coach, Mr. Pratt has an intelligent smile and light blue eyes and loves teaching kids how to be successful. In education for 14 years, Coach Pratt loves watching sports and also being there on the field or court to help the football and basketball teams.

“I love being around sports and teaching kids the game,” Coach Pratt said. “I had many coaches who brought out the best of my abilities.”

Coach Pratt likes that Kimmons has a positive outlook and successful teams.

“Any basketball coach wants to coach at a school that has the great tradition that Kimmons has and expects,” Coach Pratt said.

The method that Coach Pratt uses in P.E. is to be different because he wants everybody to have a chance of doing something good.

“In P.E., I have the students play different games so hopefully each student at some point this year has got to play a game or do an activity that they love,” Coach Pratt said.

Coach Pratt has exciting things outside of school that he loves..

“I like riding motorcycles, watching sports and shows on TV, swimming, and working out,” Coach Pratt said.