New Faculty: Mr. Ha

New Faculty: Mr. Ha

New assistant band director, Mr. Ha, has returned to the junior high he called home just ten years ago.

“I love seeing the progress that Kimmons Junior High has made over the last 10 years since I was a student here!” Mr. Ha said. “It’s been remarkable. The music program has grown, students are well behaved, and there is such a positive attitude about the school. Plus, it’s fun making my previous teachers feel old.”

This is Mr. Ha’s first official year as a teacher, although he did complete his internship at Southside High School and worked with the Chaffin and Ramsey Junior High bands. He also taught private lessons and worked as an adjunct instructor for two years.

“My love of music really took over while I was in high school,” Mr. Ha said. “That, combined with life-changing teachers and mentors, inspired me to give back to the very community that raised me.”

Mr. Ha likes to teach music through a series of steps.

“We often learn music by adding one layer at a time,” Mr. Ha said. “First, we may count the rhythm, then say note names, then blow our air through the instrument without making sounds. Then, we actually play! Adding one layer at a time helps us get multiple chances to look at the music without being overwhelmed trying to do everything else.”

Outside of helping students, Mr. Ha has stuff he likes to do when he is away from school.

“Some of my hobbies include reading novels, drawing and painting, photography and videography, running and playing tennis and lots of video games!” Mr. Ha said. “Basically, I love doing artsy things and things that keep my mind and body going!”