New Faculty: Mrs. Lloyd

The cool and outgoing Mrs. Lloyd, who taught high school math for 17 years, has come to KJH from Sarcoxie, MO. She went into education after being inspired by a previous math teacher.

“I loved my high school math teacher because she made math easy and fun, and I thought I could be like her,” Mrs.Lloyd said.

Now that she’s in junior high, Mrs. Lloyd faces a whole new battle of knowing how the school and students at this age level work. Luckily, she has some help.

“What I like best about Kimmons so far is that staff and the faculty are so nice and helpful,” Mrs. Lloyd said.

As a math teacher, Mrs. Lloyd must be able to teach her students to succeed in Geometry so she uses the popular strategies of having students work in groups and make projects.

“Students work in groups and sometimes create geometric projects,” Mrs. Lloyd said.

Teachers, of course, still have to go home and live their other lives, and Mrs. Lloyd is no different.

“Watching my son participate in athletics is very stress relieving,” Mrs. Lloyd said. “Also, I find Aikido relieves stress. Since it is a martial art, I have to focus on that and therefore don’t dwell on stressful things.”