Volleyball Players Prove to Be Resilient

To many boys, volleyball looks easy — “Just hit the ball to the other side.” But in reality, this sport is extremely challenging and requires resilience in both the physical and mental state of the athletes.

Dynasty Andrews is a perfect example of resilience.

“The most challenging opponent has been ourselves because when we start losing we think the game is over and it throws us off,” Dynasty said.

Treasure Bias has experienced a physical challenge in volleyball.

“Our most challenging opponent so far has been Ramsey because their hitting is good,” Treasure said.

The Lady Raiders’ ability to keep on going when the going gets tough has led to their success through challenge after challenge.

The last few minutes of a volleyball game can prove to be the most nerve wracking for both sides as it is the point where savage thinking begins, and the game turns into a fight for the win.

Even when the game becomes difficult, Oriana Harrison keeps being positive and high spirited.

“I keep a positive attitude and continue cheering on my teammates,“ Oriana said.

After experiencing a win, the Lady Raiders know how to celebrate.

“We turn up in the circle or in the locker room and tell people ‘Good game,’” Iesha Tillery, 9th, said.

Coach Heyn, who played competitive volleyball from ages 12 to 18, has noticed her team’s ability to stay strong.

“The girls have showed resilience by never quitting,” Coach Heyn said. “They come to practice knowing where mistakes happen and want to keep working to improve. During the second half of the season, their mental game has really improved!”