Orchestra Students Enjoy Break at Crystal Palace


Orchestra students from Kimmons, Northside, and Darby joined together for skating in September at the Crystal Palace Skate Center for a break from practicing their music for the Fall concert.

“I loved the idea and am glad that Northside allowed us to come because many of the students have friends who are in the Northside Orchestra program, and they were excited to see their friends,” Mr. Hansen, Kimmons orchestra director, said.

On the bus to Crystal Palace, Kimmons students sang songs like “Wheels on the Bus,” the Alphabet Song, and the Kimmons cheer. Students skated from 6:00 to 8:00, played games, including having to skate the opposite way every time the word “ghostbusters” came up in the song. At one point, everyone who was skating had to buddy up and hold that person’s shoulder for one song. The students had a lot of fun laughing, helping each other balance, and skating with friends. Afterwards, the students had a dance off.

“The most memorable moment to me was when I fell really hard because all my friends helped me up and made sure I was okay,” Jason Yueng, 8th, said.